Essay about The Ethics Of Ethical Dilemmas

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I see myself caught in situations where I only have two options, both of which are morally correct, but in conflict. Sometimes it seems like I cannot separate my ethics and morals. They both deal with questions of right and wrong. I have been through moments in life where I have a good and bad angel on both shoulders telling me to choose between right and wrong. Ethics are different from feelings. Although, feelings provide the information that our ethical choices need. They are five sources of ethical standards that we should use. It is to believe that ethical dilemmas can be highly complex and lead to extremely difficult choices. his ethical dilemma taught me the fairness and justice of approach. My academic dishonesty lead to a serious cause of punishment and loss of trust.
In “A Framework for Thinking Ethically,” Manual Velasquez informs his readers how we are faced with ethical moments in our lives. His article helped me understand who I am when I act ethically or when I am at my best. Not to mention, he explains what ethics is and what ethics is not. Many people have an idea of what ethics is, but tend to misunderstand ethics from morals. “If our ethics are not based on feelings, religion, law, accepted social practice, or science, what are they based on?” Ethics can be based on many things. When it comes to making an ethical decision it is required to be trained sensitively to ethical issues and a practiced method for exploring the ethical aspects of a decision.…

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