The Ethics Of Care Ethics Essay examples

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➢ Ethics of Care – possibly one of the most interesting ethical theories. Advocate Nel Noddings was concerned with key relationships between individuals and disregarded Kant’s Categorical Imperative as it eradicated any human rationalisation or instinct, especially motherly instinct as most deontological theories are too focused on rules and duty, disregarding real relationships between individuals. I feel that this ethical theory, compared to consequentialism and deontology best represents the actual situation and feelings a mother may face or any individual in a difficult situation, especially a moral dilemma. Other theories focus on the maximisation of happiness or following duties but ethics of care more deeply understands the relationships between individuals. The ‘carer’ and ‘cared for’ idea is well represented in Sophie’s Dilemma – her being a mother and therefore a carer, whilst her children are the ones who are being cared for. The interconnectivity and importance of relationships is evident. Relationships are where an individual can develop their character and a huge sense of responsibility between family members is present. A mother is responsible and must care for all of her children. Emotions, specifically love and happiness are predominant in ethics of care, with a removal of the ideas of duty or rigid reasoning apparent in other ethical positions. In my opinion ethics of care is the most relevant ethical theory for a situation such as Sophie’s but also makes…

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