Essay about The Ethics Of Becoming A Veterinarian

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Wolf Biologist
Everyone has to have a job, meaning that I am going to need one too, when I grow up. Which also means that I am going to have make a choice between the hundreds of jobs available. I thought long and hard over this, and have come to the decision of becoming a veterinarian, or to have some kind of job that is associated with animals. I am choosing this type of job because I care and love animals and when I think of any animal being mistreated or hurt I have to do something, help in some way. Though what I didn’t realise was, that it would be even harder to choose what type of veterinarian, among the several that there are to choose from. I have chosen the top three jobs that I am going to take into real consideration. One of them being a behaviorist, and the other being a zoologist, though the one that has caught my attention the most would be a Wolf Biologist. Though most don’t think of this as a type of veterinarian, it is, it just only focuses on one species instead of several. The reason why I chose this is because I love wolves and the thought of getting to be near or helping them, amazes me. That I would get to touch one and watch them in the wild. A Wolf Biologist is someone who monitors the wolf 's size, location of the wolf 's territories, dispersal, movement patterns, and mortality rates. To ensure the existence of the species. To keep count of how many wolves are in one area, or if they are just studying one pack, then how many are in that pack,…

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