The Ethical Dilemma Of Celebrities Essay

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In modern society, it is becoming more and more common for us to share our lives through photographs and not think twice about it, but the version of ourselves that we present online is often our best self—the self that we want the world to see, notice, and praise. Celebrities, however, don’t always get to choose which version of them gets published for the world to see. No matter what state they are in, what they are going through, or whom they are with, photos are taken and published—many times without their consent, and the idea of a private life is thrown completely out the window.
Case 10-E discusses the ethical dilemma of whether celebrities do in fact have any semblance of privacy and if they should be able to by using the example of well-known actor Tom Cruise. The case in particular discusses whether it was ethical for photographers to capture photos of Cruise, ex-wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri following their 2012 divorce. Bok’s Model for Ethical Decision Making is based on two main points: that we need to have empathy for those involved in the ethical dilemma and that one of our main goals is maintaining social trust. Bok also suggests that in order to come to an ethical decision, we must consult our own conscience, seek alternatives, and conduct an imaginary conversation with all parties involved (Patterson & Wilkins, 2014). In this particular case, Bok would specifically call on us to employ a sense of empathy for Cruise and Holmes and their…

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