The Boston Photographs By Nora Ephron

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Adverse truths are often difficult to accept. Humans’ inquisitive minds are always striving to uncover truth. However, people have the tendency to believe only the positive truths. Truth is no longer universally accepted because people are extremely selective with the information they deem to be true. The unaccepting attitudes towards negative truths can be observed in “The Boston Photographs” by Nora Ephron and “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato. Truths which bear negative news are often rejected by people in society due to inconveniences or complications which can arise with the truth.
The three controversial images portrayed in “The Boston Photographs” article contain multiple negative truths which were rejected by the readers. The reaction
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The key actor escapes from his “reality” in the cave and is able to see the world the way it actually exists (Plato 990). The key actor initially experiences physical pain, “hav[ing] a pain in his eyes which will make him turn away…,” while adjusting to the world outside the cave (Plato 990). Looking directly into the light is painful and causes the key actor to turn back towards the darkness (Plato 990). The initial struggle to look into the light represents the difficulty for people to look at cynical truths. Very few people are like the key actor who was able to adjust to the light and, not only accepted the truth, but tried to spread the truth to his companions. The photographer and publishers involved in “The Boston Photographs” are similar to the key actor because they try to bring the truth to …show more content…
The cynical truths evoke deep, moral questions about human nature, society, and reality. People would rather reject the truths than confront them. Humans do not actually want to be enlightened with the truth because it is easier to ignore the problems and cover them up instead of accepting and acting on them. If a situation is out of sight, then it remains out of mind. However, adverse truths are the most important truths to acknowledge because there is no way to improve if people always reject the problematic truths. Admittance is, after all, the first step to

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