The Ethical Dilemma Of Bystanders

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Ethics has a great impact on people whenever they are facing a difficult or biased situation. It depends on what ethical philosophies that people believe in, which would justify their actions towards a specific problem. The goal of this paper is to reflect the different responses of bystanders under two different ethical approaches, which are the utilitarianism or the deontology approach. According to the textbook (Introducing Philosophy through Pop Culture: From Socrates to South Park, Hume to House, 1st Edition), the author has used the moral dilemma of the trolley problem to examine ethical responses. (Irwin & Johnson, 2010) The trolley’s dilemma is defined as a scenario which is designed to test the morality of humanity, either killing one person to save the other five or let it be the way it would be and see how people respond to it differently. …show more content…
Therefore, as a utilitarian supporter, I agree with pulling the lever to divert the train in another direction in order to save the greatest amount of lives, recognizing that I would be risking the life of the lone person on the other side of the track. I am not defending that pulling the lever would cause no harm at all; however, standing aside and doing nothing while the trolley moves along the track and possibly collides with the five people, causing their deaths could also be considered unintentional murder. Besides, throwing the switch is not intended as a deliberate act of murder to cause the death of the lone person on the other track because we are changing the scenario to put less people in deadly

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