The Ethical Dilemma And Ethical Dilemmas Essay example

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Office Dilemmas
The premise of this paper is to answer the ethical dilemmas with either the theories of “good versus evil”, “wrong versus right”, and “ought/should be versus what is”. In everyday life the average person is approached with ethical dilemmas. They may be easily resolved or more complex and result in some form of sacrifice. This particular decisions are unknowing influenced by the individual’s environment, culture, parental views. In this paper I will challenge the dilemmas with wither the individual in the situation made a bad or good choice in their decision making. In addition, I will apply the theories of St. Augustine and St. Aquinas to give their viewpoint and decision making of the particular dilemmas.
Group A
The first ethical dilemma involves a newspaper columnist that signed a contractual agreement with one newspaper organization and several months later offered a more financially lucrative position by another newspaper. As a result, she lets her current employer know and informs them that she will be breaking the contract to pursue the other position. Her actions are of right versus wrong. The information does not provide if she was under paid or unhappy with her current employment. Also, another viewpoint would be why an organization would have a contract for a job. If the job was great it would not matter what was offer to her and she would have stayed. She has behaved ethically in my opinion by at least informing her employer of her decision.…

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