Dumping In West Africa Essay

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Dumping defines as “the practice of exporting to other countries products that have been banned or declared hazardous in the United States.” (Barry, V. 2014) One of the examples is the E-waste dumping in Africa. According to an article on PC World, “European Commission and U.N. studies show that West Africa is becoming a disposal site for e-waste from various parts of the world.” (Malakata, 2015) It also indicates that “The careless disposal of electronic equipment can cause significant health and environmental risks.” (Malakata, 2015) In my opinion, dumping raises moral standard because the action affects human welfare and/or environmental. An ethical relativist will probably say that moral depends on the culture or society. In the case of E-waste, they may justify that it helps to create jobs for people who live in the third world countries.
An organization that dumps hazardous products oversea are only look out for self-interests which include stay in business, making a profit, and minimize the loss. They may perceive their decision as a necessary course of business. As long
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The argument is based on conventional moral norms against the action that can hurt people. This belief is the fundamental principle in a broader sense that killing, stealing, and lying are wrong behavior regardless of the reason. The fact in this argument is that another person life is equally important as our own. If we do not want to expose to a harmful product that contains health hazardous substance, others will feel the same. By knowing that particular product can be dangerous, wouldn’t we want to have first-hand information? If the answer is “Yes”, then we should do the right thing as we wish others will do for

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