The Ethical Concepts Of Health Care Essay

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Autonomy and nonmaleficence are both important ethical concepts in health care. In this paper, I will discuss how Beauchamp and Childress, authors of Principles of Biomedical Ethics, define these concepts. I will also discuss some possible controversies that can arise according to their definitions of these terms, as well as state which concept I feel is of greater importance in health care. Next, I will cover one aspect of the aforementioned concept that I think should be changed and one that I think should stay the same. Finally, I will state to what degree that I am satisfied with the authors’ definition of the concept that I have deemed to be of higher importance in the healthcare setting. Beauchamp and Childress define an autonomous person as one that, “…acts freely in accordance with a self-chosen plan without interference from outside or internal factors” (Beauchamp and Childress, p.101-102). In addition, the authors name three conditions that patients must meet in order to be considered autonomous: they must act intentionally, act with understanding, and act without controlling influences that determine their actions (p.104). Beauchamp and Childress define nonmaleficence as not physically harming a patient (p.154).They define ‘harm’ as “…thwarting, defeating, or setting back of a person’s interests” (153). In addition, the authors also discuss how, under nonmaleficence, health care providers are obligated to protect their patients from the risk of harm that…

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