Essay on The Era Of The Renaissance Era

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The best record of non-photographic portraits would of course be statues in the pre-Roman era. Some of the earliest portraits date back to B.C. The most popular of these type of portraits were those done in Egypt. It was common to do a funeral portrait or a “mummy portrait." While in this time, it was difficult to capture a person’s essence and personality in stone these types of portraits were used often to remember the deceased. Many other portraits were done during the medieval period in Europe. However, the church ruled in Europe during this period. It was looked down upon to have a portrait done unless you were a noble figure or trying to reenact a consecrated figure of the church. Why you ask? Well it would give the subject of the portrait a likeness to God.
Portraiture became extremely dominate in the Renaissance Era. During this period, the use of perspective and light helped to create a more photorealistic portrait. Shadow was used to create depth and form in paintings. This got rid of the common “flat look” which pictures seemed to possess before this era.
Artists such as Leonardo De Vinci and Rembrandt affected the way which portraits were created. Leonardo added color and layered his oil paints when doing portraits to give them a softer glow. Rembrandt added four different aspects, in his paintings, and to the way modern photographic portraiture is used today. The first is known as “Rembrandt lighting." With this type of lighting, there is a small highlight on…

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