The Era Of The Great Depression Essay

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Throughout history, life as an African American was always laboursome and painful. Since the early years of slavery to the later years of segregation under Jim Crow laws, blacks had been pushed around by basically anyone who was not black or by those who viewed themselves higher than everybody else. African Americans have struggled to make a living because they had great difficulty in locating a job, let alone one that paid them a decent profit. Because of the racism that corrupted Americans, blacks were not considered part of society. They struggled by themselves without much help from others like thev have been doing for centuries. A great example of the hardships that the African American community faced is the era of the Great Depression. During the Great Depression everybody struggled, but nobody struggled as greatly as the African Americans. The lives of African Americans were different from White Americans in living conditions, in employment, and in public treatment during the Great Depression.
Life in the 1920’s was filled with sturdy paying jobs and was filled of prosperity. The growth of the economy brought new jobs and those new jobs brought better opportunities for everyone, especially the white community . This prosperous time period was known as the “ Roaring Twenties.” Businesses all over boomed as well as the fine arts, musical arts, theater, and film. The 1920’s was one of the most prosperous periods in American history. One of the biggest reasons…

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