The Equality Of Women Right Essay

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The equality of women right
By the 19th century women rights were limited; they were restricted to certain opportunities that a human should have. The women were abused by the law and mistreated by men. On September 5, 1995 people from different countries gathered in Beijing, China to hear the first lady Hillary Clinton’s speech. This speech was the United Nation Fourth World Conference on women (para.2). Hillary addressed every problem that women faced about women right and she wanted to persuade how important it would be if they received their freedom. The purpose of the conference was to help women everywhere in the world; it was for those who voices went unheard. Hillary Clinton effectively convinces his audience through her speech that “human right are women right” by strategically using ethos, pathos and logos. Hillary Clinton was born in October 26, 1947 in Chicago Illinois. She grew up in a family of two children, Hugh and Tony. She went to Eugene Field School, Park Ridge, Illinois, 1953-1957; Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle school, and Main Township High school. She graduated from Yale law school in 1973, 1974. Later on in October 1975, Hillary married to William Bill Clinton. By 19th century women were suffered different kind of abuses; not only in a specific country, but the entire world. As Hillary pointed out in her speech that “It is a violation of human right when women and girls are sold into slavery of prostitution, raped in their own communities, doused with…

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