Essay about The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) established the first guidelines for sexual harassment more than 25 years ago. These guidelines provide an overview of two types of sexual harassment, which fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, specifically quid pro quo and hostile environment. Quid pro quo is defined as a superior demanding sexual favors in exchange for a positive performance review, retention or a promotion. A hostile environment is defined as verbal, nonverbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature that produces a negative and intimidating environment, which interferes with an individual’s performance. The EEOC guidelines direct employers to develop clear policies and procedures that address workplace sexual harassment to avoid legal responsibility. Many organizations have heeded the EEOC’s recommendation and created a sexual harassment policy to avoid costly litigation (Larson, 1996). However, an analysis of sexual harassment policy reveals that sexual harassment in the workplace is not deterred by current laws and/or policy and the policies unintentionally hinder career advancement of women. Additional changes need to be made to policies and regulations in order to be effective and education and training provided on sexual harassment needs to be modified to be more effective. This paper will review the implications, characteristics and considerations that should be considered in an organizational sexual harassment policy as well…

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