The Epidemic Of Pill Mills Essay

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This paper explores the epidemic of pill mills in the United States and the detrimental repercussions that occurred. Prescription painkiller abuse is progressively identified as the fastest growing drug problem in the United States, escalading significantly since the early 2000s, and predominantly involving adolescents and young adults. The increased amount of prescription painkiller use stemmed from the “pill mill” epidemic. A pill mill is an operation in which a doctor, clinic, or pharmacy prescribes and/or dispenses narcotics without a justifiable medical reason. The harmful effects resulting from the pill mills include higher rates of injuries involving fatal and nonfatal poisonings, greater risk of traffic accidents, higher rates of addiction, increasing crime rate, devastating societal costsand more babies born with neonatal withdrawal syndrome (Kinsell, 2015, pg.15). In early 2011, the government began aggressively cracking down on the pill mill operations in various ways. As a result, it inadvertently fueled a new epidemic of heroin use.

The Overview
The substantial increase in the abuse of prescription painkiller drugs over the past decade has received national attention and has been considered a public health epidemic in the United States. Prescription drugs are medicines filled by a pharmacist and are obtainableonly with written directives from a doctor. Prescription drug abuse is defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (2011)…

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