Essay about The Epidemic Of Infectious Diseases

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In the early 19th century the United States was fighting the battle of infectious diseases. Infectious diseases were the leading cause of death during this time period killing well beyond five hundred thousand people. Single organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi cause these diseases. During this time period many people migrated to American cities. The migrations cause certain areas in the states to become over populated and unsanitary. Many people who migrated to America were low class families who had little to no income. With lack of finical help and poor hygiene it put these people at risk for infection. This issue caused numerous of problems air pollution and unsanitary living conditions that led to health issues.
As time has emerged the leading cause of death shifted gears from infectious diseases to chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease and Alzheimer. A single organism does not cause a chronic disease. It is a health condition that cannot be cured but can be controlled. Such, chronic diseases are usually the slow result of non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors. A non-modifiable risk factor is a risk factor that cannot be changed for an example, sex, age, and genetics. Modifiable risk factors however can be changed. These risk factors are from the behaviors of an individual for example, smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs and engaging in unprotected sex.
Today cardiovascular disease is the…

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