The Epidemic Of Hiv And Aids Essays

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For the past thirty years the diseases HIV and Aids have been put in the media in negative point of view, this has changed people’s perception on these diseases. The media has helped produce a negative outlook on homosexuals and disease HIV/AIDS, such as saying that homosexuals created these diseases or labeling these diseases as ‘gay cancer”. More than 1.1 million people have been diagnosed with the disease HIV, Homosexual or bisexual men are the ones who have been affected the most by the diseases HIV and AIDS. In the year of 2010 there were 15,529 reported cases of the disease HIV. The media has put a negative association with these diseases for a very long and that’s not right. Anyone can get these diseases, it’s not just a homosexual disease, and anyone can get it. A lot of people just associate these diseases to homosexuals however the original bases of the disease is it started in the 1920’s in the city of

Kinshasa, which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The disease wiped out the majorityof the city of Kinshasa.

Homosexuals have been associated with diseases HIV/AIDS because of many rumors, one of the rumors is the form of cancer KS- virus which was later discovered as the disease herpes-8 also known as the Kaposi’s sarcoma herpes virus. The KS- virus was discovered in a young homosexual male this was later determined as the disease AIDS. People had been trying to find the creation of this epidemic AIDs, In 1984 the sole creation of AIDS had…

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