Essay on The Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity

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One epidemic that affects many children and adolescents across the United States is obesity. Did you know that childhood obesity is increasing at alarming rate? According to the Minnesota Department of Health, between 1980 and 2007-08, overweight has tripled in youth 6-11 years of age and more than tripled among youth 12-19 years of age (“Obesity”). Childhood obesity is defined as a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. Children who are obese are above the normal weight for their age and height (Mayo Clinic). Determining whether someone is obese or not is measured by BMI which a lot of Americans confuse it with. The BMI is used to calculate heights and weights which is often gathered from each check up (Harvard Public Health). Childhood obesity has been on the rise since the 1970’s and continues to be a growing issue. Currently, about one in three American children and adolescents are considered overweight or obese. In addition, the rate of obesity in children has more than tripled from 1971 to 2011. More importantly, in 1970’s, only about five percent of children were considered obese (American Heart Association).
In many cases, when children and adolescents are obese they often are likely to transition into adulthood the same way. When a child is obese, there are likely to transition to adulthood the same way. However, doctors and scientists have concluded that children who start of being obese are more likely to diseases such as: type 2…

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