The Epic Poem The Iliad By Homer Essay

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Ancient Greece was a society that honored great heroism, even though thousands of years have passed, the traits needed to be a hero have stayed constant. Malala Yousafzai possesses traits of a modern day hero that fights for the education of women in the highly patriarchal society of the Middle East. She was criticized for her viewpoint by the radical Taliban and shot her in the head. In the epic poem The Iliad by Homer, he focuses on two individuals that are viewed as great heroes in the war between Troy and Greece. Hector and Achilles are the greatest warriors of their respected sides and possess heroic traits of Ancient Greece. Although both men are considered heroes in The Iliad, Hector portrays more traits aligned with the modern day hero, Malala, by focusing on his responsibility rather than passion. Similar to Malala, Hector shows his heroism through selfless acts, while Achilles fights for his own personal gain. Malala puts emphasis that she “speaks – not for [herself], but for all the girls and boys / [she] raises up [her] voice – not so that [she] can shout, but that those without a voice can be heard” (Malala). She makes it her responsibility to fight for women’s education in a place where women have been oppressed for centuries by a culture that enforces patriarchy. Malala makes her cause not only a local cause, but a global issue. Hector shows this same need to fight for others when he explains to his wife that he would “be disgraced, dreadfully shamed among…

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