The Epic Of The Ramayana Essay

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The Ramayana, especially Sita, has been a topic of controversy among the feminist groups in Hindu society. From this controversy, there has been a progression towards changing the text of the Ramayana in order to suit society’s ever changing views. The last scene in the Ramayana has been altered to change Sita’s interaction with Rama, mostly in response to the changes of women’s social concerns because women don’t want to be viewed as an inferior being to men. There have been multiple variations of the Ramayana to fix these social matters about Sita. In particular, there is one revision that has completely reversed the whole situation.
In the original Ramayana, Sita is always obedient towards Rama. Anything that Rama demands or asks of her, Sita properly responds without any questioning or disobeying. When the Ramayana was written, this type of interaction between the husband and the wife was considered to be normal, with the man, generally speaking, being the dominant figure in the relationship. An example of this obedience from the original Ramayana comes at the end when Rama requires Sita to walk into the fire to clean her of Ravana (Narayan 148). Upon being asked to complete these orders, Sita becomes passive and follows the commands because she wants to ensure that Rama is content. In fact, Sita does not offer a question in her response to Rama, proving the statement made earlier that Sita does not question any of Rama’s commands. From Sita’s actions in the original…

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