Gender And Character Analysis Of Parvana, By Deborah Ellis

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Parvana is a text written by Deborah Ellis, that follows the storyline of a young girl set amidst war-torn Afghanistan. The text weighs heavily on the role of gender and how it affects both the characters and plot of the text. Parvanas gender has the most intense affect throughout the course of the text. This is followed closely by the laws surrounding her Father. Parvana’s sister Nooria has a similar intensity throughout the course of the text. Whilst the text is not solely reliant on gender, it plays a major role in the text and restricts the role that Parvana has to play.

Paravana’s gender influences the majority of her choices. Paravanas little freedom dramatically impacts, her opportunities that she has. When the Taliban took over control
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The both highly restricted as of their gender. Nooria was forced into little freedom, which mad her redundant to the choices she has. Her little freedom starts with the small things like having to wear her Burqa when both inside and out. Throughout the text Nooria has made little comments like, “ As soon as I get out of Taliban territory, i’m going to throw of my Burqa and tear it into a million pieces.” Chap 13. Although Nooria has little to no freedom, when she wants to go outside she must be acupinied by a male. This makes it hard for Nooria because, she is too scared to what the Taliban are capable of. Nooria always felt the pressure so she only went outside under pressure under sufferance. As Nooria is a young women living in Afghanistan not only is she venerable to the Taliban, she is forced into marriage at a young age. Marriage for most girls in Afghanistan was a nightmare but, to Nooria she felt that leaving Afghanistan came change and several opportunities “ I can finish school, and they will send me to university.” Pg 137. So Nooria decided that her life in Afghanistan was too gender restrictive and that leaving Afghanistan gave her a new chance and the possible chance to find

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