The Epic Of The Poem Of Beowulf Essay examples

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The Anglo-Saxons had a way about their writing, the way they made their poems come to life like a vivid picture or movie in one’s head. The epic poem of Beowulf captures the mind like one is watching the battle from the sidelines. It brings the audience in, and the amazing thing about the poem is that for the longest time these poems were not written down. Instead they were memorized and sung for the people, until monks finally learned to write. These monks not only wrote down the original poems, but some of them added a little twist of their own to reflect more on the beliefs of Christianity.
An epic hero is a brave and noble character that is brought to life in an epic poem. Epic meaning big or great, so this character is expected to be larger than life. Epic heros are admired for their great achievements and how well they assist others. They are also known for being successful in accomplishing what society needs or wants; as well as being courageous or skilled in whatever speciality they desire. Beowulf is known as the hero of all heroes.
Beowulf becomes the hero of all heroes by hard work, dedication, and strength. He becomes the prince of the Geats after defeating two monsters that threatened the life of the citizens of Geatland. He contains many traits which are required to be categorized as an epic hero. For example, he is strong and stands by his word no matter what the cost. Once he makes a vow, he will not back down from a battle even if it means he…

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