The Epic Of Gilgamesh And How His Life Transpired Over The Course Of Years

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In this article, it tells the tale of Gilgamesh and how his life transpired over the course of years. “The fullest surviving text is the Assyrian one from the library of King Ashurbanipal at Nineveh, and therefore no older than the seventh century BC, at least a millennium later than composition” (1). Gilgamesh was lost in the beginning his life was spinning out of control and the people looked to the God’s for help. Cotterell writes, “The Akkadian epic portrays Gilgamesh as a tyrant, overbearing and prone to sexual misdemeanours. His people beseeched the gods for help, and on the steppe, the mother goddess Aruru fashioned from spittle and clay a hairy, grass-eating, wild man called Enkidu” (1). He had one purpose and held strong to the purpose until his death. The article text notes, “the fight ended with Enkidu 's defeat and the start of a lifelong friendship between the heroes” (1). The start of their friendship is unexpected but it’s exactly what Gilgamesh needed to get his life on track.

Foster expounds on the 4,000-year-old tale that is filled with death, love, and adventure. The thesis of the article is that “The story has four main sections: first, Gilgamesh 's abuse of his subjects, the creation of his rival--the wild man Enkidu--and their eventual friendship; second, the pair 's heroic quest to the forest of cedars to slay a monster and bring back a gigantic tree, thus winning immortal fame for Gilgamesh; third, the death of Enkidu, which leaves Gilgamesh…

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