The Environmental Risks Of Pollution Essay

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Prior to 1950, many beach resorts drew in vacationers by advertising high levels of ozone in the area. It was commonly believed that ozone (O3), a dense, pungent form of gaseous oxygen, could improve health (White, 1957). These times of ignorance are thankfully over. Now that science and technology have advanced, dangerous misconceptions such as this have been debunked. The health and environmental risks of pollution practices have gained attention and an effort is being made to improve the environment. Additionally, sustainability scientists are researching practices that promote the peaceful, permanent survival of humans on Earth (O’Riordan, 2013). Millennials have been referred to as the “renewable energy generation” by environmentalists as a result of their persistent efforts to increase environmental awareness and the use of renewable energy. However, despite the world’s increasing knowledge on the detrimental effects of pollution, harm to the Earth has continued at a steady rate (Stein, 2012).
Pollution caused by non-renewable energy sources is by far the greatest challenge faced by sustainability scientists because it’s negative consequences cause harm to every aspect of the planet’s environment in addition to depleting its resources (Azeem, 2013). Taking down the roots of non-renewable energy would require the cooperation of several disciplines of scientists, lawmakers, engineers, and renewable energy companies. Plans to expand renewable energy such as sun,…

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