Fast Food Argument Essay

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Fast food is being consumed all over the world. It satisfies our cravings, it smells and tastes amazing and it’s cheap and fast. It couldn’t get any better than that! Apparently it is worse than it seems due to its substantial dependence on items that carry high amounts of sugar, fat and calories. Fast food corporations leave behind huge health problems and obesity in people. Later in life it can cause depression, premature aging and aspirin dependency. Fast food seems to affect a large population of people, innocent animals, and the environment. However, in this case it involves our entire planet.
According to a statement made by The Food Empowerment Project, “people in the United States are twice as over weight as they were in 1980”.
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Water contamination brings many negative consequences such as, decreased water quality, pathogens which have harmful effects for animals, humans and plants. Since the demand for fast food is so high, then fast food restaurants have to do a lot of packaging and end up overstocking things such as boxes, straws, cups, and plastic if it’s not disposed properly it ends up as litter and contamination. All of these things have dangerous results like pollution of the environment and deforestation. In addition, many fast food companies cover their packages with perfluoroalkyl, in other words a toxic compound that hurts mother …show more content…
It is more than just health problems, it is costly to raise so much livestock for fast food restaurants to use, employees of the fast industry are underpaid, and it really only benefits the owners of the individual franchises and the stockholders in the corporations. The actual people who work in the restaurants and the ones that eat there as well, are the ones that least benefit and who end up losing in the long run. It’s very true that fast food restaurants have been a big part of the American lifestyle for several decades now, but maybe it’s about time for that to change, and this change will be better for everyone in the

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