The Environment Influences Things Like Your Child 's Language

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The environment influences things like your child’s language, as well as how independent he/she is, how well he bounces back from tough times and how good he/she is at forming relationships. Children are like a sponge, and anything they see their parents do, they want to imitate them. They are too young to understand that they cannot do everything their parents do. Some examples are if their parents smoke the children are going to try to take a puff of it because they want to copy what mama and daddy do; or they may repeat bad words that they hear their parents say.
When a child is in a bad environment, they tend to imitate bad behavior. For instance, if their parents are abusive to one another, then the child will think that they are suppose to beat, hit, or put down the abused parent. This also goes with children which are raised in a good environment. If they see their parents doing good deeds, the child will follow in suit with them. The first five years of a child’s life are the learning stages. In these years, the physical growth, as well as the ability to learn the social, emotional, behavior, thinking and communication skills are all starting to develop.
In my opinion, there are two types of parenting styles. One type is the parents who actually want to take care of their child and want to see them have a productive life and grow. They want them to strive to their full potential; this is what I like to call authoritative parents. Then there are others who put…

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