Essay on The Enron Corporation

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Culture of Enron
The whole documentary was based on the failing of the ENRON Corporation. Enron was a company that was doing many illegal schemes and also was involved with the California energy crisis just to make the utility costs set out to be what the average American price was. Enron did anything they had to do, no matter if it was killing off the whole world, just to make money and keep themselves rich. People were getting robbed blind. No one could actually see all of the damage that they were doing because Enron had everything played out so well and so many people on it, and not to mention, it was one of the largest, “richest” businesses, so many people thought that the government could have known, so they trusted Enron. So many people were in on this drastically harsh scheme, so they were all in on doing the devious and sneaky dealings because their businesses were getting money out of it too. Enron did whatever was needed to keep their high paying jobs. Many traits describes this documentary, but transactional leaders, trait approach and emotional intelligence stood out to me the most.
The culture of Enron was very shiesty, but played out fairly well. As Enron started to gain, the company collected more and more losses, but was hiding them very well. Reflecting back on the California Energy Crisis, they made the state shut all of the utilities down and rerouted the power back to Texas so that they would be able to sell power at a higher rate. This made California…

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