Essay The Enlightenment And The Boston Tea Party

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With regards to the American Revolution there is a myth associated with it that is generally accepted by everyone. This is the myth that when America revolted against the British army they had no choice as Britain was cruel to them, as well that every American wanted to revolt. However, historians have thought that these are in fact myths, started by Americans as an act of patriotism.

Like every great event in history, the American Revolution was built upon the events and ideas leading up to it. The two events that had the greatest influence in the American Revolution are the enlightenment and the Boston Tea Party.

The enlightenment was extremely important in the American Revolution for its influence on the ideology of the American people. One way this new ideology lead to the revolution was it lead Americans to question mercantilism. Mercantilism was very important to Britain, however it was very poor for the American colonies. Nonetheless, until the enlightenment, no American had every thought of questioning this system. They never thought to because it was not in their nature to question authorities, or to look for better alternatives. However, once the enlightenment comes along Americans realize how unfair and unjust the mercantilism system is. This realization is pivotal for the American revolution as it causes many Americans to further question the British government, as well, it leads to Americans realizing how the lost imposed upon them are unfair, and how they…

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