Why Is America Justified In Declaring Independence

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What would America be like today if people from America’s beginning tried to reconcile with Great Britain in the late 1700’s instead of declaring independence? Would they have just gone to war anyway? Or would America even be called the country it is today? America’s founding fathers created the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and is the reason why Americans celebrate Independence Day today. The Declaration was written to state grievances, or complaints, early Americans had with King George and Great Britain. The colonists felt like Great Britain was treating them unfairly and a big part of this was taxation without representation. All this eventually led to the colonies to declare independence from Great Britain and a lot of great minds, such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, to create the Declaration of Independence. The Founders of this country made the right decision on declaring independence against the tyrannical leader of Britain. King George was a …show more content…
They might say that the actions of the colonists could have provoked war instead of trying to avoid it. The Boston Tea Party is an example of this. To be true, they are right to a point. Americans at the time did do things to provoke the British government and army, but they must know that they did try many times to reconcile before these things happened. An act of protest the colonists displayed was the Boston Tea Party.The Boston Tea Party was provoked because of the very high tea taxes being imposed on all imported tea. The colonists did send over great minds to negotiate with Britain but just like the Olive Branch Petition, all these efforts were ignored. At this point, many colonists were fed up with Britain’s ignorance and did this in order to get Britain’s attention. Peaceful attempts at restoring their relationship were being ignored so they had to move to a different

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