Essay about The English Teacher Is The Weakest Point Of This Novel

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Openly Straight exhibits the destruction unfavorable labels can inflict upon individuals. While readers attempting to cope with their sexual identity may find this novel enlightening as they endeavor through the process of removing themselves from the pigeonholes other’s have relegated them to. Rafe’s belief that the only way for him to succeed in this world is through the concealment of his sexuality: proving to be the weakest point of this novel. Whereas Rafe’s English teacher is truly the strongest character within Openly Straight. Rafe’s English teacher understands him, and encourages healthy self-expression through Rafe’s journal entries. The English teacher is a superb role model for adult readers, that provides an example that they should support teens and providing positive outlets for them to express themselves as they attempt to discern their world. The plot that exemplifies Rafe’s courage to explore his world and defining his sexuality according to his own values is truly the most intriguing aspect of this novel. Furthermore, Rafe’s ability to understand that if he is to truly discover his self-identity he must, remove himself from a negative environment and transplant himself into positive ones. Although Openly Straight has no fan base to speak of but the author, Bill Konigsberg has a strong presence on both Twitter and Tumbler. Finally, Openly Straight could read by 8th grade students to adult’s.
Awards: Sid Fleischman Award for Humor, YALSA’s Best Fiction for…

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