The English Civil War Essay examples

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The english civil war, like most wars, was fought over economics and religion. this volatile period produced a variety of opinions and reasonings about the king’s right to power and the nature of a commonwealth. the writers of the time all used religious arguments to reach drastically different conclusions though since they were all using the same source material, the bible, it is only natural that they reach many points of consensus. When Charles I came into power in 1625 religious conflicts and internal tensions had already begun to form in the aftermath of the protestant reformation. Charles believed that he had a divine right to rule and supported hierarchies in the anglican church. Protestants had a strong opposition to anything that resembled catholicism because the splintering of the church was a response to the strict rule of catholicism, and they had previously faced persecution under the rule of Mary I. Charles I’s marriage to a catholic queen, and his implementation of religious practices that appeared to be a return to popish practices created tensions that would eventually lead to war. When Charles attempted to alter the religious practices of presbyterian scotland, forcing them to use a new book of common prayer, he sparked the first in a series of civil wars. In response to these new religious practices Alexander Henderson and Archibald Johnston of Waristonwrote drafted The Scottish National Covenant. In the covenant they outline their opposition to religious…

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