The English Civil War : Causes Essay

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‘The English civil war started in 1642, primarily because of religious disagreements’. How far do you agree with this statement?
On 22 august 1642, Charles 1 declared war against hi enemies in parliament. This led to a civil war where 1 in 10 men died. In this essay I am going to explain the main causes of the civil war and then I am going to see how much I agree with the statement.
Charles got off to a bad start in 1625 when he married a French, catholic princess called Henrietta Maria. This was a very bad mistake as Charles and most of England were devoted members of the Church of England (Protestants). This was wrong as the princess could have changed the religion of England by persuading her husband and also she could have made her
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The logic was that coastal areas most benefited from the navy's protection. Charles decided that everyone in the kingdom benefited from the navy's protection and that everyone should pay. This was an extremely bad idea because people inland who had never been to the sea in their lives still had to pay and this caused a conundrum. Many people complained and said that he couldn’t do this to them because to create a law, you have to be given permission by parliament, and this wasn’t a good time to ask them as he was still in his individual reign, but he made the tax anyway and people had to pay. In April 164 0, Charles called for a Parliament to grant the money needed to fight a war in Scotland. Parliament refused to grant the money needed. Charles dismissed Parliament after it had sat for just three weeks. In August Scottish forces attacked England. Northumberland and Durham were taken over and an English force was defeated. About three months later Charles was forced to call Parliament again to acquire the money needed to pay the Scots to leave England. Only Parliament had the financial means to deal with the situation and both they and Charles knew this. Archbishop Laud and Strafford were both sent to the Tower of London.
Charles ruled by using the Court of Star Chamber. To raise money for the king, the Court heavily fined those brought before it. Rich men were persuaded to buy titles.

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