The English And Spanish Colonists ' Terrible Treatment Of Native Americans

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Those That Stood in Their Way
The English and Spanish Colonists ' Terrible Treatment of Native Americans While America is now a flourishing country, its creation came at a terrible cost. This continent was not empty when English colonists arrived; rather there were millions of inhabitants already living there. These inhabitants, the Native Americans, were greatly effected by the arrival of European colonists, and not in a good way. The two major groups of colonists, the Spanish and the English, had different reasons for coming to this continent, and each dealt with Native Americans in their own way. Christopher Columbus came to the New World in hopes of learning, “the proper method of converting them to our holy faith,” along with searching for both a better trading route and goldi. The Spanish conquerors that followed him also longed for gold, and they cared little of those they harmed or killed in order to get it, as “those they preserv 'd as Captives, were compell 'd through Torments to confess where they had hid the Gold”ii. The English settlers on the other hand came as a way of escaping Britain. Both Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson comment on the problems of the British monarchy. One of Paine 's arguments for leaving was that Britain “did not protect us [colonists] from OUR ENEMIES on OUR ACCOUNT, but from HER ENEMIES on HER OWN ACCOUNT”iii. Jefferson adds to this argument in the Declaration of Independence by listing a hoard of crimes committed by the King of…

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