Theme Of The Energy Never Die

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8. The Analysis of “The Energy Never Dies”
Love is an essential thing in this life. Furthermore for couples, they need love in their relationship. When they are still alive, their love is always on, but hopefully in the afterlife their love will always be on as well; because believe it or not they will meet again in the afterlife. This song more or less tells that when couples know that they no longer live, but they are still in love and they are sure that they will meet one another in the afterlife. To be loyal with our mate is important. Love never ends and it will last forever. Here, the researcher can know that we have to treat and love our mate as we treat and love ourselves even though there will be lots of problems we still need to be loyal.
In this song, there are found six types of figurative language. Symbolism is one of the types of figurative language. It is found 3 lines containing symbolism which are in the title of the song, the 7th and 16th lines. Ade and Okuyene (2008) state that “symbolism is a poetic art of representing persons, objectives or ideas with another”. They also add that it is used to emphasize the meaning of the words by the use of objects
Energy in the title represents the love which is owned by couples. Then, it means that the love never ends. A moment in the 7th line
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It is found 10 lines of hyperbole which are the 2nd, 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, and 24th lines. First, in the 2nd line, it is exaggeration because how God will strike people down just because they lie to someone else. Jay (2003) explains that hyperbole “refers to exaggeration; it aims to make an emotional statement”. The meaning of that line is that he will not tell any lies to his girlfriend. He will only tell all the truth to her so they will be always together because people do not want to die because they want to achieve their dreams while they are alive and be forever with the one they

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