Essay The Energy Consumption Of The United States

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Have you ever seen the picture that shows polar bears stuck on a small block of ice, embracing each other, and looking into the distant horizon, in hopes of finding the icy shore? If yes, that picture is the perfect reflection of the fate of all the animals that live in the North and South Pole. They face extinction because of the excess combustion of fossil fuels. Now what does combustion has to do with the extinction of these animals? Let’s start with the United States. For the year of 2014, the energy consumption of all the citizens of the United States was 4093 billion kilowatt-hours. The citizens of United States, are among the top consumers of electricity. To fulfill such a high demand of electricity, the government of United States has to not only burn fossil fuels, but also generate electricity from other sources of energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, and many more. Although great research has gone into improving energy generation from the renewable sources of energy, the larger chunk of energy is produced from the fossil fuels. Almost 67% of the energy (2742.31 Billion kilowatt-hours) consumption is fulfilled by burning the fossil fuels, and coal has the larger slice of the pie, followed by natural gas, and nuclear power (39%, 27%, and 19% respectively) (EIA, Par.1). It is no surprise that coal produces the most energy since U.S. has the largest of coal reserves in the world, but more on that later. Despite the fact that the U.S. has the largest coal reserves, many…

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