The End Of World War II Essay

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The end of World War II ushered in an era of new fears. American officials agreed that the best defense against the Soviet Union was to contain them and not allow for expansion of their physical state or ideology. It was President Truman’s that declared in 1947 that it was the United States responsibility to support a body of people attempting to resist suppression. The strategy would be considered containment. An arms race of nuclear force shortly followed. America developed atomic weapons that would out due the atomic bomb the end product was the hydrogen bomb. Naturally, Soviet leaders and scientist followed suit. The Cold War was not only between two countries but the whole world was at risk. The constant threat of nuclear obliteration greatly impacted American life. Berlin was a key city during the war, a platform that symbolized the struggle of the West and Communist powers. At the conclusion of World War II the city was divided amongst the allied armies. The victors included the United States, Britain, French and the Soviet Union. West Berlin was surrounded by miles of Soviet controlled Germany. Berlin was a major source of tension during the Cold War. Berlin was a physical symbol of the suppression of human rights and a stage for conflicting ideologies between communism and a democratic system.
Crisis one
The reality of West Berlin was an odd one a capitalist city surrounded by Communist occupation. The Soviet Union desired to control all of Germany after World War…

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