Essay about The End Of White America

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Nowadays everywhere you see “cultural mainstream” values, diversity, and racial transcendence; one doesn’t have to look far to notice that it has become the new accepted norm. Hua Hus in “The End of White America?” argues that values, diversity, and racial transcendence have become the “new cultural mainstream” and that it has “some vague notion of racial transcendence.” I agree with Hus because as much as we want to believe that the human race has evolved into accepting diversity and believing in racial transcendence, this is not true.
Many people believed that the 2008 election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States demonstrated that we had become a post-racial nation because we had elected a black president. We as a nation need to understand that just by simply believing that racial barriers will break doesn’t mean that they will. In fact there has been statistical evidence that demonstrates the differences in privilege and opportunities between racial groups. This demonstrated that the differences did not disappear once Obama was officially in office nor did they lessen. So what post-racial nation had we become with a black president? Many believe that post-racial is a mystical vision that we want to attain but have no idea how to. Media has used “Post-racial” during the election to aspire false hope in all of us.

In spite of what our society wants to believe, media keeps promoting diversity and racial transcendence unanimously. The media does this…

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