The Emotional Person That I Am Essay

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As the emotional person that I am, I have so much love to offer in every relationship I enter. One of the strongest bonds that I have is with my family. They have always been so supportive of me and for that, I love them. My family hit a rough spot when my parents got a divorce in 2009. It was a very challenging time for all of us. Although this is true, it only brought us closer together after we had come to terms with the situation. My family and I have grown together and through the ups and downs, we are closer than anything. I have so many internal battles in my mind it is almost unbelievable. As I got older I learned more and more about the world and the harsh reality that comes along with it. Earlier in my life I majorly lacked confidence in myself and I was not content with who I was. Lastly, tying into my previous insecurities and entering my physical state of identity, I came to terms with who I was. From my appearance, to my cultural background, to what I liked to do and how I liked to dress, I learned so much about myself. Now it is time for others to learn about me too.
A famous quote by Elizabeth Gilbert is “Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotion.” I find so much truth in this due to the fact that I am a very impulsive person who makes most of my decisions on how I am feeling in that particular moment. There are so many emotions that run around in my head, one of the main one’s being love. Love is not something that…

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