Essay on The Emergence Of The Ottoman Empire

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The emergence of the Ottoman empire began in 1299 by Oghuz Turks under the rule of Osman 1 in Northwestern Anatolia. Conquests in the Balkans between the years 1362-1389 and the overthrowing of the Byzantine empire had a profound impact on the geopolitics of the Ottoman empire, ultimately transforming the Ottoman empire as a transcontinental empire and claimant to the caliphate. The Ottoman empire was the leading empire of the Islamic world that controlled large swaths of territory that ranged throughout Europe into the Middle East and North Africa. The Ottoman empire was a major threat to the hegemony of Christian Europe, as a result of the falling of Constantinople--Christian Europe’s fears fomented and were increasingly dubious on how this change in geopolitics would impact the economic, military and political institutions throughout Europe. An ordinary individual may not fully comprehend the origins of the Ottoman empire, however this research paper will lay down a fully comprehensive outline of its origins and analyze the affects it had on European international society. Moreover, what triggered the Ottoman empires military, political and economic success, furthermore, did these triggering elements of the Ottoman empire have deleterious affects on the European international structure in the mid 14th and 15th century? The Ottoman army ruled the shipping lanes of the eastern Mediterranean between 1520 and 1565. Suleiman the Magnificent reign began in 1520 and lasted…

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