Compare And Contrast Ottoman And Mongol Empires

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The Mongol and the Ottoman empires used similar techniques while taking over and controlling civilizations because of an underlying common theme within expanding empires, however, aspects involving specific methods and level of association with their conquered set them apart. In the conquest for overall power over the people of the world, the Mongols stretched their empire across most of Eurasia, and also arose conflicts that are now considered ancient world wars. The Ottoman Empires rule peaked in the 1600’s and 1700’s in their lifespan of 1299-1923, with their power stretching over most of Southeastern Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia. Although the Mongols in the 12th and 13th centuries and the Ottomans in the 16th and 17th centuries both conquered and created empires through invasion by land and desired power and riches to the detriment of the …show more content…
The Ottomans spared the Balkan civilization specifically from religious destruction, and instead only encouraged the conversion to Islam, still being tolerant to other religions. The importance of a homogeneous religion amongst their empire held no appeal to the Mongols, strengthening their view of mostly leaving their people be through their loyalty and smooth running of the cities. The level of involvement in their people’s religion differed quite significantly between the Mongols and the Ottoman Empire, personalizing their civilizations experience under their power. The Mongols and the Ottomans both controlled their empire with thoughts of success in mind, leading to similar methods to ensure that, however both gave their conquered people a unique experience. From ways of expansion to religious affiliation, both empires ruled in the way they thought best and overall led to the events we know now in

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