The Electric Guitar And Its Effect On Music Essay

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The electric guitar is the culmination of thousands of years of history and great effort to enhance the music that we know and love today. It has changed the way we use it in music in our recordings and live performances and still is a dominant instrument in many music genres. To really understand this particular instrument, one must understand its: definition, history, construction, uses, and prevalence/impact in music. To know what an electric guitar is, one must understand just what a guitar actually is. In its raw definition, a guitar is a, “a long, fretted neck, flat wooden soundboard, ribs, and a flat back, typically made with incurved sides.” And typically, it has number of strings parallel along the neck of the guitar and is tightened or loosened to tune the sound or the overall pitches that the strings make when plucked with a player’s fingers. If you were to pluck a combination of strings in succession, you would get what is called a chord. Through this, you can get a wide range of pitches that are created through the resonance and vibrations of the strings. This simplified version to play a chord through each finger adds an immense amount of flexibility and range to play music. It also makes it easier as the transition between notes isn’t overly complicated and fairly quick. So, the guitar has an advantage through its overall simplified ability to produce multiple sounds easily that can actually sound good, rather than learning the abundance of instruments that…

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