The Electoral College System Is An Inadequate Form Of Electing President Of The United States

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The Electoral College is in place to decide the president of the United States. There are people that agree on it and people that do not. The Electoral College System is an inadequate form of electing the president of the United States, there are better ways to go about choosing a president in a more Democratic way. Having a popular vote, or by deciding by congressional districts would be other options that Congress has thought about, and even states have signed in on being for a National Popular Vote. The Electoral College is a representation of the popular vote, on the other hand it makes it unfair at the same time. A National Popular Vote would be more Democratic than the Electoral College system because more people would be inclined to go out and vote because they would know that their votes would count to who would be coming president. There are many states that will vote either Democrat or Republican only, and since 2000, 40 of the 50 states have voted the same way (Kyle Kondik). Since 40 of the 50 states have gone one sided in the last 4 elections, people who are not of that party who wins their state won’t go out and vote because they know their votes won’t matter since the candidate of their party won’t win. America is supposed to be fair and equal and give everyone a chance to succeed. Republicans believe the Electoral College system, gives an
Reiter 2 unfair advantage to the Democrats. Since 2000, 18 states have not changed for the Democrat in the election, and…

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