The Election 's Biggest Goal Essay

1181 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Election’s biggest goal is to inform Americans of potential candidates for presidency and arise public opinions. It gives Americans Citizens a chance to participate in the government by allowing citizens to vote for candidates that would best represent their ideas and addresses their concerns about the country and the system (pg 491). Citizens for the most part don’t keep up with politics so elections help keep Americans informed of current world events. Elections right now are currently gathering interest throughout the nation with some radical candidates but at the same time it allows the young adults of America to start forming political views and connections to political parties. Candidates are always running elections cautiously and seeking public approval in order for election or re-election in their positions. The last few months before Election Day are the most important and best time that candidates can show a positive appearance and hammer in their ideals to the public. People’s opinions and votes are highly important, so in order to appeal to the masses, candidates must address current topics at hand that the voters are facing in that current time (pg 453). It is of great importance for the general voting public to know everything about the candidate they plan to delegate their option to. ” Whenever we engage someone to act on our behalf, we face risk interest ahead of ours” (pg 491) so voters must feel they have faith on their presidential candidate or else that…

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