The Egg And The Sperm By Emily Martin Essay

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Boys and girls are equal Since human recognizes the differences between male and female, gender stereotypes are formed and reinforced. Beside human development, this stereotype becomes a tradition, a culture and the norm of society spread out the world. Gender stereotyping starts at a young age. Toys play a role as a symbol to distinguish boys and girls; parents use toys to impose different gender values on their children. Emily Martin 's article "The Egg and The Sperm" analyzes the difference in biological processes between male and female. Although "for every baby a woman produces, she wastes only around two hundred eggs, while man wastes more than one trillion sperm" and biologists ' beliefs that "woman is passive, man is active," Martin argues that male and female have the same important role in reproduction. The processes both men and women go through are homologous; we cannot see one process as stronger or weaker than another. But gender socialization views the difference in men and women 's biological processes as the distinction men and women 's role in society. The evidence is parents relate different ways to boys and girls and the various kinds of toys given to them depend on gender. Families are the units of society; families display social norm. The way parents choose toys and the difference in how they treat sons and daughters reflect clearly gender stereotype in society. From a child’s infancy, or even during pregnancy, parents embrace gender norms, stock…

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