The Effects Of Violent Media On Teenagers Essay

2030 Words Dec 7th, 2015 9 Pages
This paper explores the effects that violent media has on teenagers. Violence and aggression can be seen by what teenagers see in the media. Teenagers are most affected by media violence because of the exposure to violence in television shows, movies, music videos and lyrics, and video games. This paper talks about when teenagers look at movies or listen to music, it shows them a sense of what violence is considered to be and they think it is okay to copy these and make it into a reality.

Violence is like sand at the beach; it is everywhere. Violence and aggression go hand in hand. Aggression is considered to be shown through abusive language, assault on self and others and violent threats to others. It is the physical aspect of violence. Violence is considered to be aggression in action. There are many causes of violence such as violence in the home, frustration that builds up, or violence in the media. Teenagers are most exposed to violence in the media because when watching television or listening to music, there is majority of the time some sort of fighting, usage of guns, or killing. There is no way to protect teenagers from violence in the media because there is no control of what teenagers can watch or listen to when they are with their friends or at school. . As difficult as it sounds, violence will always be around. People will always be ignorant and senseless, which may lead to some type of violence. The age group most affected by media…

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