The Effects Of Violent Games On Players Essays

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completions. As a result, they concluded that participants who played violent video games had an aggressive thoughts than those who played non-violent video games. Obviously, the content in video games are associated to the behavior or thoughts changes. (Chittaro and Sioni 217). According to their study, we can conclude that choosing which appropriate games to play is really important to avoid an increase in aggression and a decrease in self-control. The impact of violent games accidentally visualizes them a violent world filled with fighting, conquering, and dominating. The research proves that violent games made players have negative thought such as " explode" instead of "explore". Moreover, the violent thoughts can possibly lead to aggressive actions in real life. For that reason, the players should carefully consider which kind of game is appropriate for them and avoid playing violent games as much as they can. Besides assessing how violent games psychologically affect players, researchers also give further explanation about the connection between video games and the players ' personalities. Grace S. Yang, Rowell Huesmann, and Brad J. Bushman reported that among those players who participated in their study, more than 80% of participants decided to play action games instead of the other kinds, and 90% of action games have violent content. However, their study showed that violent games or media are not only one of the main factor contributing to human aggression in…

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