Essay about The Effects Of Trans Fat And On Health

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The legislation that was discussed in the article affects health in many ways. In regards to New York City’s law that cuts the use of trans fat to .5 grams or less per serving, the health affects have been very positive thus far. Trans fat is known as an “artery clogger,” and has been shown to lead to many heart related health issues. The ban in NYC has dropped trans fat to an average of 2.4 grams per lunch. Food stamps help out many people in providing necessary nutrition, and now many states are moving to limiting the funds to be used on things like fruits and vegetables, and restricting junk foods. 46 million people in the US are on food stamps, so with the purposed restrictions 46 million people would be eating healthier foods. NYC made another move to improve the health of it’s citizens, by restricting the amount of sugary drinks like soda to be distributed in restaurants. Now, restaurants can not sell a sugary drink that is more than 16 oz. Thousands of people die in NYC every year from obesity, so they legislators are hoping this will help decrease those numbers. In addition to helping with the overall health of America, many of these laws hope to decrease on health care costs. By reducing trans fat in restaurants, a decrease in heart illnesses should follow. America has decreased their fat intake over the last decade by half, which is resulting in less obesity related health issues. Also, being a food stamp user has been loosely linked to having a higher Body Mass…

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