The Effects Of Television Violence On Children Essay

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As you are watching your daily television shows do you ever stop to think about what you are really watching or what kind of effect it has on you? Violence on television has been entertaining viewers for just as long as televisions have been around. Violence can be seen everywhere on television from your local news reports that focus on the crime and violence in your local neighborhood, to crime shows, reality shows, and even children’s shows. Some of the effects of violence on television are, “children learning of aggressive attitude’s and behaviors, desensitization, or an increased callousness towards victims of violence; and increased exaggerated fear of being victimized by violence.”(1) Although you can learn negatives and positives from violence on television unfortunately, it is usually the former which has the most effect. Children are experts at mimicking things. For example my nephew, who is three, loves to call me stinky pants! Where did he learn this? One of his favorite television shows has a character who calls another character by this name. Although this isn’t characterized as violent behavior, it shows that children really do pay attention to what they are watching and pick up on all kinds of behaviors, especially aggressive attitudes and behaviors. “By the time the average child is eighteen years old, they will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders.”(2) To put things into perspective if a child watches television daily, which is on…

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