The Effects Of Teenage Suicide

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When I think of suicide, I think about someone taking their life because it’s the only way out. Suicide is a very serious word that can change the way of life. It is a thought the young teenagers view things in life. It also a thought that young people feel depressed and pain just before taking pulling the trigger, or even taking something to take their own lives. A lot of times its also dealing with peer pressure, just trying to fit in.
Talking to a few teens that have thoughts of suicide, I was told that family plays a big part of the decision to their own lives. I began to listen to what was some of the reasons it was said to be blamed on family. Some of the teens said that parents not showing them love or attention. (anonymous teens, personal
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Some teenage males can’t talk to their mothers about certain things that goes on in their lives. The male teenagers really have it hard as far as the pressure and challenges they face daily can also lead to depression leading to suicide.
Sometimes when I see the news and it’s reported that a famous teen has either

committed suicide or has failed at committing it. When I look at some of the famous

teens, they are brought into that lifestyle and try to fit in to impress the parents or the society. Some even feel that because of them being in the spot light, they have

something to prove to their peers of people that watch their every move. It seems hard

but sometimes it’s their way of just getting out of the situation the easy way. So many

are forced into the world and don’t know how to cope.

You have some people stereotype kids as “bad” kids who have the wrong friends and

bad lives commit suicide. Some kids have the right friends but still choose the wrong decision and turn to drug and alcohol, and thinks’ it’s cool, and end up using more than

expected because they are trying to fit in as

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