The Effects Of Stress On The Workplace Essay

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Stress in the workplace always has been and will be a major issue in any field of work. Whether it is on a sales floor or on a nursing unit, stress in the workplace is prominent. There are many causative factors that lead to why the amount of stress has increased over the years. However, the main priority in regards to workplace stress is finding ways to manage and rid the area of it. The last thing a nursing unit would need is for there to be factors that can alter the proficiency of patient care. As a nurse, it is our duty to ensure that we are administering the proper care and education to our patients in effort to increase their quality of life. If caregivers continue to work in environments that hinder their ability to practice at their best, not only does it affect whether or not they will remain hired, but it will also negatively affect their peers as well as the patients.
As health care organizations continue to grow in size and in complexity, job title expectations are growing as well. For example, in an article written by Hanson et al. (1997) it states the following, " Pressures of managed care and downsizing caused nursing middle managers to find their jobs expanding. This includes increased responsibility for achieving organizational goals and an increased span of control to include technical and support personnel as well as nursing staff. ". Within this excerpt, we see that stress at the workplace attributed to many different causative factors take a toll on…

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