The Effects Of Stress On The Human Health Essay

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Affected of stress on the human health
Fearing from a test, thinking too much for the life, being worried of death while feeling sick, and overload on the job. These all make people being more stressful. Stress is the feeling of pressure as a result of thinking too much or accumulation of problem and it is a situation that almost everyone has experience with. Stress has become one of the biggest issues that many people are suffering form it. It is surprising to see students who spend many hours studying and then they fill. Even though these students were ready for their final, sometimes the load of stress makes them forget a lot of important information. Also, many patients give up to their diseases even though if the diseases were not that serious. To exemplify this point, many cancerous people got more suffering from psychological problems and the feeling of hopelessness of the life. These people make their life shorter because of the worry of death. This also called the law of attraction. This paper will explain how stress could affect the body on many ways.

People who have chronic stress are more likely to get many psychologically and physically problems. It could be easily notice the psychologically problems such as, mood swings, nervousness, depression, and pessimism. This will happen as a result of the overload on the person. This happen with a lot of mothers when they do a lot of things during their day, they get angry from their kids quickly. People have…

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